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A fundraising account for the well known Ethiopian artist Fikadu Teklemariam has been trending . A go found me fundraising account has been receiving tremendous amount of support worldwide and the fundraisers are hoping to meet their goals .

በ ከፍተኛ የ ኩላሊት ህመም ላይ ለ ሚገኘው ኣርቲስት ፍቃዱ ተክለ ማርያም የህክምና ወጪ በ ጎ ፈንድ ሚ ኣካውንት የ ገንዘብ ማሰባሰቢያ እየተለገሰ ነው 

የ ገንዘብ ማሰባሰቢያውን ለማግኘት ይህንን ሊንክ ይጫኑ  https://www.gofundme.com/help-save-fikadu-tmariam039s-life

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By Yohannes Ayalew

Photo:Teddy Afro

The Ethiopian music star Teddy Afro and his wife Amleset Muche welcomed their second baby .teddy afrobaby

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By Yohannes Ayalew.

Ethiopian – Canadians donated school materials for students in Ethiopia.  It all started from a simple conversation of Hanna and her friends at an Ethiopian restaurant in Toronto, Rendezvous.  Hanna, a Toronto resident, mentioned to friends about a humanitarian organization in Ethiopia Called Meseret.

Everyone on the table pitched and sent the money through mr. Yemane to Addis through which dozens of school materials were purchased.  Mr Yemane Haile along with the Ethiopica Link radio show host Yonas Hagos and Mr.  Bemenet handed over the school resources.  Grateful to thesupportt by the Ethiopian Continue reading

By Yohannes Ayalew

The reclusive Ethiopian – Canadian artist, Abel Tesfaye A K A The Weeknd, was honored with the prestigious Allan Slaight Award at the 2014 Canada’s Walk of Fame ceremony in downtown Toronto on October 18th. This follows a slew of recognition for the 24 year old Scarborough native  Abel. In his five minutes acceptance speech, the Drake protégé thanked a number of people who gave him a hand along the way, but the intimate tribute was left for his mother, who he described in high terms.

“She has been there for me, she saw me stronger, She is my biggest inspiration and  I love  her so much .Thank you mom” – Continue reading

By Yohannes Ayalew

Ethiopian Mulu Seboka wins Toronto’s Scotia Bank Marathon.  Mulu runs a great race winning at 2:23:15 . She smashes the record by 4 minutes . Mulu Seboka won the same race in Toronto 6 years ago . She told reporters that Haile Gebreselassie was her inspiration to start running .

Mulu and her team mates and the rest of the Athletes were accorded a reception at Rendevous Ethiopian Restaurant in Toronto by mike Kidus . In the Men’s race ,kenya’s korir won the race while Ethiopians Tariku And Shamil finish second and third . Both winners of the race will be awarded $ 20,000. Continue reading

By Yohannes Ayalew

Photos from Assefa and Nasser

Teferi Aseefa and Naser Kaid are two Ethiopian – Canadians vying for Toronto City Council seat and School Board trustee on October 27th. Assefa is a candidate for Ward 25 Scarborough Southwest against City Councilor Michelle Berardinetti, part of a Liberal duo whose husband is the local MPP, and Kaid is running against controversial trustee Elizabeth Moyer. Continue reading

Two plays written by artists Abebayehu Tadesse and Tewodros Legesse were staged at the Toronto Liutenian hall.

The satiric play “facebook ” authored by Artist Tewodros was about the effects of facebook in the modern age .  Abebayehu Tadese’s socially critical satire “ye mistoche baloch” theater found a family in a complicated situation .  The verses were both humorous and got several aha moments from the crowd. Continue reading

The well known philantriopohist and movie actor Karlheinz Böhm died at age 86.

A post at the website of his organization menschen fur menschen states “We are deeply saddened to announce that Karlheinz Bohm founder of Menschen Fur Menschen foundation passed away amongst his family at home May 29th after a prolonged period of illness” Continue reading


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