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We have to confront Obstacles Black Communities face in Ontario-Premier Kathleen Weynne

The Ontario Liberal caucus celebrated Black History month at Queens Park . Premier of Ontario Kathleen Weynne came out strong in her call to end institutional and societal barriers on Black communities. “ Black communities are one of the systematically disenfranchised communities “ Weynne says .


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The famous Ethiopian artist Temesgen Gebreegziabher staged his music concert in Toronto .

ታዋቂው ኢትዮጵያዊ ኣርቲስት ተ መሰገን ገብረእግዚኣበሄር የ ሙዚቃ ኮንሰርቱን በ ቶሮንቶ ከተማ ኣቀረበ ፥፥ በቅርብ ከወጡት ዜማዎቹ በተጨማሪ ቆየት ያ ሉትንም ሙዚቃዎቹን ለታዳሚው ኣቅርቧል ፤፤

በተለያየ ጊዜ በ ለቀቃቸው ነጠላ ዜማዎች ከፍተኛ እውቅናን እያገኘ የመጣው ተ መሰገን ልቤ ነዶ ነይ ዠማ እና ሃና እያለ ባዜማቸው ሙዚቃዎቹ ከ ሚሊየን በላይ ጊዜ የታዩ የሙዚቃ ቪዲዮዎችን ሰርቷል

ዛራ ኢንተርቴይንመንት ያዘጋጀውን የ ቶሮንቶ ኮንሰርቱን ከማድረጉ በፊት በ ካልጋሪ ካናዳ ያቀረበው ኮንሰርት ነበር በ ቀጣይነትም ወደ ዊኒፔግ ይጓዛል

The Ethiopian Christmas Eve concert by Temesgen was held 70 Gough street venue . Packed by young fans of Temesgen who packed the concert venue had been entertained by the continuous performance from the artist .

The fans followed Temesgen Playing his songs including the recent hit Hanna, composed by the Ethiopian music star Teddy AFro. 

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Canada beats Sweden 3-1 to win the World Junior Hockey Championship . In a final game played in NewYork Buffalo, team Canada downed the Swedish side 3-1 .

Canada’s boys erupted with joy at the end of the game . Tyler Steenbergen ,Dillon Dube and Alex Formenton scored for Canada . Golie, Carter Hart made several saves to give Canada the Gold . 

US beats Czech Republic to win the 3rd place title . 


Canada is cold . Extreeme cold alert issues to Toronto

We will bid farewell to 2017 under a harsh weather of -20 . Environment Canada issued a statememt saying Torontonians will have to brave a weather that feels loke -28 today.
Most of the planned outdoor  celebrations  are cutting their programa short .

The annual concert at Natan Philips Square is expected to be underway with the extreemly cold weather .
City reaidents are advised to take extra measures to keep themselves warm .


Top job search sites in Canada

Job search sites in Canada

They say, in Canada, job search is a full time job. To make it easier for you, we compile a list of job searching sites in Canada.  በ ካናዳ ስራ ለማፈላልግ ተመራጭ የሆኑ ኣስር ዌብሳይቶችን እንጠቁማችሁ
መልካም እድል  ኢትዮ ፊደል ዳት ካም

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Nini Legesse Announced as Keynote Speaker at People to People’s 16th Annual Gala that celebrates  learning  Saturday, 28th November, 2015

 People to People Aid Organization, Canada (P2P) a not-for-profit organization that provides life sustaining support to HIV/AIDS orphans in Ethiopia is thrilled to announce that the keynote speaker for its 16thAnnual Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction will be Nini Legesse.


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Best- Dressed Man On Dundas Square says “ he is not a Pimp”

By Michael Talbot and Stephen Dagg – City News

When Wessen Dagnew talks about “going west” his eyes light up as though he’s envisioning a great journey.

But the westerly walk he’s really talking about is anything but epic. It’s about 700 metres or so, straight across Dundas Street.


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Now the number men and women are equal in the Canadian Cabinet of ministers . Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau has been named Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister and his cabinet has equal number of women and men . And this happens the first time in Canada’s history.

 Justin promised a more transparent government as he was  sworn into office in the capital otawwa .


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