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Ethiopia’s animation technologist reportedly stabbed to death .

ኢትዮጵያ የአኒሜሽን አባት ከዚህ አለም ተለዩ ፡፡  በኢትዮጵያ የመጀመሪያ አኒሜሽን ስንዝሮን የሰሩት አቶ ግርማ ዘለቀ በባህር ዳር ከተማ በስለት በመወጋታቸው ነው ከዚህ አለም የተለዩት :: ጉዳዩን ፖሊስ እየተከታተለ ነው

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Ontario is Making Prescription Drugs Free for People 65 and Over Expanding OHIP+ Will Make Prescription Drugs Free for Nearly One in Two Ontarians
የ ኣንታሪዮ ግዛት በ ማዘዣ የሚገዙ መድሃኒቶችን ለ ኣዛውንቶች ነጻ ሊያቀርብ ነው፥፥ የ ግዛቲቱ ፕሪሚየር ካትሊን ዊን እንዳስታወቁት ይህ እርምጃ በ ሚሊዮን የሚቆጠሩ ነዋሪዎች መድሃኒት የመግዛት ኣቅም እንዲኖራቸው ያደርጋል፥፥ ኦንታሪዮ መድሃኒትን በቅርቡ ከ 24 ኣመት በታች ላሉ ሁሉ በ ነጻ እንደሚሰጥ ኣስታውቆ ነበር

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced Ontario’s plan to make prescription drugs free for people 65 and over, ensuring millions of people can afford the care they need during this period of economic change and uncertainty.

Through an expansion of OHIP+, more than 4,400 prescription drugs will be available free of charge to everyone 65 and over. The Premier was joined by Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Helena Jaczek and Minister of Seniors Affairs Dipika Damerla at the Leaside Curling Club to lay out the government’s plan to expand OHIP+ and make life more affordable for 2.6 million seniors and their families.

Starting August 1, 2019, anyone aged 65 or older will no longer have to pay a deductible or co-payment and would be able to present their eligible prescription and OHIP number at any Ontario pharmacy and receive their medication for free. On January 1, 2018, Ontario introduced OHIP+ Children and Youth Pharmacare, which made eligible prescription drugs free for everyone 24 and under and is the largest expansion of medicare in a generation. By expanding OHIP+ to seniors in Budget 2018, people 65 and over will now save an average of $240 every year. Prescription drugs covered by this program include medications for cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid conditions, diabetes and asthma.

Making prescription drugs free for people 65 and over is part of the government’s plan to support care, create opportunity and make life more affordable during this period of rapid economic change. The plan includes a higher minimum wage and better working conditions, free tuition for hundreds of thousands of students, easier access to affordable child care, and free prescription drugs for everyone under 25 through the biggest expansion of Medicare.
Source : Office of the Premier

Photo: Office of the Premier

Canadians are filing their income tax returns in recent weeks .

ሰሞኑን የ ካናዳ የታክስ ማስመለሻ ወቅት ነው የ ካናዳ ረቨኑ ኤጀንሲ ሰ ለ ታክስ ማስመለስ የሚከተሉትን ጠቃሚ ነገሮች ኣስቀምጧል ከ ኢትዮ ፊደል እንድታነቡት እንጋብዝ  ጥሩ መረጃ ስለሆነ ኣስተላልፉት

Revenue Canada has the following tips for successful income tax return .

Eight things to remember at tax time

A fundraising account for the well known Ethiopian artist Fikadu Teklemariam has been trending . A go found me fundraising account has been receiving tremendous amount of support worldwide and the fundraisers are hoping to meet their goals .

በ ከፍተኛ የ ኩላሊት ህመም ላይ ለ ሚገኘው ኣርቲስት ፍቃዱ ተክለ ማርያም የህክምና ወጪ በ ጎ ፈንድ ሚ ኣካውንት የ ገንዘብ ማሰባሰቢያ እየተለገሰ ነው 

የ ገንዘብ ማሰባሰቢያውን ለማግኘት ይህንን ሊንክ ይጫኑ  https://www.gofundme.com/help-save-fikadu-tmariam039s-life

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We have to confront Obstacles Black Communities face in Ontario-Premier Kathleen Weynne

The Ontario Liberal caucus celebrated Black History month at Queens Park . Premier of Ontario Kathleen Weynne came out strong in her call to end institutional and societal barriers on Black communities. “ Black communities are one of the systematically disenfranchised communities “ Weynne says .


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Ethiopians in Toronto celebrate the Victory of Adwa and Black History Month .

At an event organized by Ethiopian Association in Toronto, the crowd commemorated Ethiopia’s victory over Italian aggressors 122 years ago at the battle of Adwa. The history of Adwa is a symbolic representation of Ethiopia’s leadership in the independence of the rest of Africa.

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ጀግኖች ኢትዮጵያውያን የወራሪውን የጣሊያን ጦር ያሽነፉበት እና ለቀረው አፍሪካ የነፃነት ፋና ወጊ የሆኑበት የኣድዋ ድል በኣል: በ ቶሮንቶ ካናዳ ይከበራል

The 122nd Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa will be celebrated in Toronto Canada on February 24, 2018 AT 3 p.m. AT 444 Sherburne Street .

የኣድዋ ድል : የ ጥቁር ህዝቦች ታሪክ እና የ ኢትዮጵያውያን ቅርስ ወር በቶሮንቶ በ ኣንድነት ይከበራሉ፥፥ ኣዘጋጁ የ ኢትዮጵያውያን ማህበር በቶሮንቶ እና ኣካባቢው ነው :: የ ሐዲስ ንጋት የ ኪነ ጥበብ መድረክ የሰብሰብ በሉ የ ዳንስ ቡድን ኣባላት እንዲሁም ሌሎች ኣርቲስቶች ይሳተፋሉ::
ዝግጅቱ የ ፊታችን ቅዳሜ ሸርበርን እና ብሉር ኣቅራቢያ በሚገኘው 444 ሸርበርን ስትሪት ኣዳራሽ ከ 3 ፒ ኤም ኣንስቶ ይካሄዳል

The Ethiopian Association in GTA and Surrounding Regions will be hosting this event where the victory of Adwa , Black History Month and Ethiopian Heritage month will be celebrated .
Haddis Nigat Arts Forum , Seb Seb Belu Dance Group and various artists are expected to perform.
Ethiopians around the world celebrate the victory of Adwa where Ethiopian patriots defeated the Italian colonizers 122 years ago.


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