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“It is time for the city to come together” John Tory. -Tory elected mayor of Toronto .

By Yohannes Ayalew

Mayor Elect John Tory has become the 65th mayor of Toronto. The Ford era has also come to an abrupt end with the defeat of Councillor Doug Ford who replaced mayor Ford when he fell ill just before nomination day.  Tory grabbed 40% of the vote after a 10 months marathon campaign.

In his victory speech at Liberty Grand, Tory said it is time for a unified Toronto re affirming his famous line. “I will take the city of Toronto not left not right but forward “he said.
He promised better transit, more jobs, end to the division at city hall and an inclusive city.

John ToryTory’s smart plan of raising taxes to fight inflation, extracting money to the city from provincial and Federal governments won him most of the votes analysts said. Tory is expected to bring about a unified city council as opposed to the polarized one during the Ford era.  Toronto’s 65th mayor Tory applauded the Fords and Olivia Chow for their contribution to the city.

At the municipal election that saw a record voter turnout, Doug Ford came second with a 34% of the votes. Speaking at Woodbine center, he thanked supporters and stressed the legacy of financial stability left by the Ford family at the city council. Olivia show, who congratulated John Tory finished third with almost 33% of the votes.  Her concession speech was dubbed classic by many.

As per Elections Canada, out of the 1.6 million eligible voters in the city 64% cast their ballots. The outgoing mayor Rob Ford, won his council seat and was proud of his brother “he did a phenomenal job; the Ford family will never give up “he says.

Torontonians also voted for city Councillors and School board trustees. The two Ethiopian- Canadians that run for Councillor and School Board trustees could not make it.

Assefa Teferi run at Ward 35 Scarborough for city Councillor and Naser kaid run for School Board Trustee.
Photos by Yohannes Ayalew(ethiofidel)




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