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Five questions with Johnny Interview About Upcoming movie in Toronto -“Feleg”
ኣምስት ጥያቄ ከ ጆኒ ጋር ( Five questions with Johnny) This is my interview with An Ethiopian film maker based
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Governments request for Facebook users data increases
Facebook continues to see increased requests for user data from governments worldwide, according to its latest transparency report. The social network
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Uber rival Ola buys Foodpanda India
Ola, the Uber rival in India, is entering the food delivery space after it announced a deal to acquire Foodpanda’s
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102-Year-old thinks his whole family died in WWII until
A 102-year-old Holocaust survivor thought his brother was killed by the Nazis, but, thanks to an Israeli organisation, he just
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Ethiopian Airlines woos women to industry with all-female operated flight
Africa’s largest airline group, Ethiopian Airlines has announced its first all-women flight to Nigeria, as part of efforts to attract
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Top job search sites in Canada
Job search sites in Canada They say, in Canada, job search is a full time job. To make it easier
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The famous singer and Song writer Henok Abebe will release his new single song
  The famous Ethiopian artist Henok Abebe is set to release his new single song .  የታዋቂው ድምጻዊ ሔኖክ ኣበበ
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Things We Shouldn’t do After Eating
ከምግብ በዃላ ማድረግ የሌለብን ነገሮች What we do before and after  we eat equally matters as what we eat . 
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An Interview with Girma Yifrashewa
Sitting on a comfy couch at the classy Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant in Toronto, Pianist Girma Yifrashewa greets fans .
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How Do We know If A News Story is fake ?
Contributed by Samrawit Tesfaye A little background as to what is my motivation for writing a journal. I am neither a
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ረዥም ኣመት ለመኖር ሚስጥሩ ጥሩ ሚስት መምረጥ ነው ይላሉ ካናዳዊው የእድሜ ባለፀጋ ከካናዳውያን ሁሉ በ እድሜ ትልቁ ኤዝመንድ ኣሎክ ረዥም ኣመት ለመኖር ሚስጥሩ ጥሩ ሚስት ማግባት መሆኑን ተናገሩ

Oldest Man in Canada is happy at the age of 108. The trick, according to him, is to pick a good wife.  CBC reported that Esmond Allcock celebrated his 108th birth day last Friday. He is oldest male in Canada, according to the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

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ኣምስት ጥያቄ ጆኒ ጋር ( Five questions with Johnny)

This is my interview with An Ethiopian film maker based in Toronto Petros Dejene about his new upcoming movie “Feleg

“ነዋሪነቱ ቶሮንቶ ካናዳ ነው ጴጥሮስ ደጀኔ ይባላል ፥፥ የ ቶሮንቶው ሐዲስ ንጋት የኪነ ጥበብ መድረክ ካፈራቸው መካከል ኣንዱ ነው ጴጥሮስ በኣስደማሚ ኣጫጭር ጽሁፎች እና ግጥሞች እንዲሁም በሚሰጣቸው ሚዛናዊ ሂሶች ይታወቃል ፤፤ ጴጥሮስ ኣሁን ኣዲስ ፊልም ሰርቶ በማጠናቀቅ ላይ ይገኛል፥፥

ፈለግ የተሰኘው ፊልም ከኣገሩ ከኢትዮጵያ በጉዲፈቻ ተወስዶ በኋላ ማንነቱን ማፈላልግ ስለጀመረ ወጣት ይተርካል ፤፤ ኣምስት ጥያቄ ከ ጆኒ ጋር  በሚለው የ ኢትዮ ፊደል ኣምዴ ጴጥሮስን  ስለ ፊልሙ ኣናግሬዋለሁ እባካችሁኣንብቡት

Please read the interview below . 

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The famous Ethiopian artist Temesgen Gebreegziabher staged his music concert in Toronto .

ታዋቂው ኢትዮጵያዊ ኣርቲስት ተ መሰገን ገብረእግዚኣበሄር የ ሙዚቃ ኮንሰርቱን በ ቶሮንቶ ከተማ ኣቀረበ ፥፥ በቅርብ ከወጡት ዜማዎቹ በተጨማሪ ቆየት ያ ሉትንም ሙዚቃዎቹን ለታዳሚው ኣቅርቧል ፤፤

በተለያየ ጊዜ በ ለቀቃቸው ነጠላ ዜማዎች ከፍተኛ እውቅናን እያገኘ የመጣው ተ መሰገን ልቤ ነዶ ነይ ዠማ እና ሃና እያለ ባዜማቸው ሙዚቃዎቹ ከ ሚሊየን በላይ ጊዜ የታዩ የሙዚቃ ቪዲዮዎችን ሰርቷል

ዛራ ኢንተርቴይንመንት ያዘጋጀውን የ ቶሮንቶ ኮንሰርቱን ከማድረጉ በፊት በ ካልጋሪ ካናዳ ያቀረበው ኮንሰርት ነበር በ ቀጣይነትም ወደ ዊኒፔግ ይጓዛል

The Ethiopian Christmas Eve concert by Temesgen was held 70 Gough street venue . Packed by young fans of Temesgen who packed the concert venue had been entertained by the continuous performance from the artist .

The fans followed Temesgen Playing his songs including the recent hit Hanna, composed by the Ethiopian music star Teddy AFro. 

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Canada beats Sweden 3-1 to win the World Junior Hockey Championship . In a final game played in NewYork Buffalo, team Canada downed the Swedish side 3-1 .

Canada’s boys erupted with joy at the end of the game . Tyler Steenbergen ,Dillon Dube and Alex Formenton scored for Canada . Golie, Carter Hart made several saves to give Canada the Gold . 

US beats Czech Republic to win the 3rd place title . 


ታዋቂው ኢትዮጵያዊው የ ጤና ባለሙያ ፕሮፌሰር እደማርያም ፀጋ ከዚህ ኣለም በሞት ተለዩ::

Ethiopia’s Well Known Medical Professor  Edemariam Tsega Passed Away. Best remembered for his pioneering roles in establishing medical schools in Ethiopia, Professor Edemariam was one of the first medical professors in Ethiopia . His professional life spanned from Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa University to being a professor at MacMaster University in Canada .

 በ ኢትዮጵያ እና ካናዳ የ ጤና ዘርፍ ውስጥ ታላቅ ኣክብሮት የሚሰጠው ኣስተዋኦ ያደረጉት ፕሮፌሰር እደማርያም ለ ኣመታት በ ኖሩባት ካናዳ ነው ሕይወታችው ያለፈው ፥፥
የ ቶሮንቶውን ብቂላ ኣዋርድ ጨምሮ በ ካናዳ ኣሜሪካ እንግሊዝ እና ሌሎች ኣገራት ታላላቅ ሽልማቶችን የሰጧቸው ፕሮፌሰር እደማርያም  የኣዲስ ኣበባ ሜዲካል ትምህርት ቤትን ካቋቋሙት መካከል ዋነኛው ነበሩ:፥

According to his Biography at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, he received his MSC degree from  Adds Ababa University, MD, CM, FRCP© from McGill University, Canada, DCMT(L) from the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, UK, Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, USA. He was also a recipient of professional Excellence award from the Toronto based Bikila Awards for his leadership role in advancing medical health in Ethiopia and Canada.

During his three decades of professional life, Professor Edemariam served as a physician, medical professor, faculty dean and administrator where he was reported to have contributed greatly to the development of the medical education in Ethiopia.

Professor Edemariam’s professional excellence has been met with countless awards under his belt including those from Ethiopia, UK, Canada , USA, And  World Health Organization.

The late Edemariam has lived in Canada Hamilton where he also run a private practice clinic.


Canada is cold . Extreeme cold alert issues to Toronto

We will bid farewell to 2017 under a harsh weather of -20 . Environment Canada issued a statememt saying Torontonians will have to brave a weather that feels loke -28 today.
Most of the planned outdoor  celebrations  are cutting their programa short .

The annual concert at Natan Philips Square is expected to be underway with the extreemly cold weather .
City reaidents are advised to take extra measures to keep themselves warm .


Facebook continues to see increased requests for user data from governments worldwide, according to its latest transparency report.

The social network first introduced the reports, which give raw figures on data requests and data granted, in 2013 to help increase visibility on government behavior. Facebook is limited on what information it can share, but sheer numbers show requests hit 78,890 in the first half of 2017, an increase of 33 percent year-on-year and 23 percent on the previous six-month period.

The U.S., India, UK, Germany and France were the most active in making data requests, accounting for 41 percent, 12 percent, nine percent, seven percent and six percent of the numbers, respectively. Each of those country’s government had more than 50 percent of requests granted, with the U.S. (85 percent), UK (90 percent) and France (74 percent) notable for higher rates.

The amount of data restricted by Facebook to governments also shot up in the first half of 2017 to reach 28,036, up from 6,944 the previous quarter and 9,666 one year prior. However, much of that figure can be traced back to a tragic shooting at a school in Mexico, which resulted in Facebook restricting access to 20,506 pieces of content.

Despite the disclosures there remains plenty that Facebook can’t say, particularly around the nature and intention of data requests from governments. That’s particularly true in the U.S..

“Fifty-seven percent of the data requests we received from law enforcement in the U.S. contained a non-disclosure order that prohibited us from notifying the user, up from 50 percent in our last report,” Facebook Deputy General Counsel Chris Sonderby wrote in a blog post.

Beyond state-related communication, Facebook has also introduced more accountability on IP-related content requests for the first time.

More than 200,000 copyright requests were made related to Facebook content, with 68 percent actioned on and 1.8 million pieces of content “actioned.” Some 70,000 requests for copyright came to Instagram, with 685,000 pieces of content removed.

Over 110,000 pieces of Facebook content were removed for trademark infringement, with over 37,000 removed from Instagram.

The numbers are quite revealing when it comes to claims of counterfeits. Facebook said 217,265 of content on its social network were removed after it acted on 81 percent of 14,279 claims in the first half of the year. On Instagram, it took action against 108,094 posts following 10,231 counterfeit claims.

Counterfeit claims against Instagram content rose steadily in the first half of 2017, with June’s complaint number (2,191 reports) higher than the number of complaints filed for Facebook in April and close to other months. Still, the actual number of content that was taken action against was lower on Instagram than Facebook, but it is a glimpse of the rise of Instagram as a medium of influence and importance even if Facebook remains the larger social network in terms of content.



Source:Tech Crunch


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