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Top job search sites in Canada

Job search sites in Canada

They say, in Canada, job search is a full time job. To make it easier for you, we compile a list of job searching sites in Canada.  በ ካናዳ ስራ ለማፈላልግ ተመራጭ የሆኑ ኣስር ዌብሳይቶችን እንጠቁማችሁ
መልካም እድል  ኢትዮ ፊደል ዳት ካም

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የናዝሬት ሃይለማርያም “ናማ”  ነጠላ ዜማ ተለቀቀ
 የ ናዝሬት ሃይለማርያም”ናማ”  ነጠላ ዜማ   የሙዚቃ ክሊፕ ኣርቲስት ኣለም ጸሃይ ወዳጆን ጨምሮ ሌሎች በርካታ ታዋቂ ኣርቲስቶች በተገኙበት ደማቅ ዝግጅት ተመርቋል 
ናዝሬት በ ስራዋ ያበረታቷትን ሁሉ ኣመስግናለች ፤፤ ናዝሬት በሰሜን ኣሜሪካ ከሚገኙ ድምጻውያን መካከል በቅርቡ እውቅናን እያገኘች የመጣች ናት
ክሊፑን እንጋብዛችሁ
This is the new clip from up and coming artist Nazerith Hailemariam . 

Ethiopia’s Journalism legend Samuel Ferenj passed Away in Toronto.

ታዋቂው እና ኣንጋፋው ጋዜጠኛ ሳሙኣኤል ፈረንጅ  ኣረፉ
 በኢትዮጵያ ሚዲያ ታርክ ቀዳሚ ሚናየነበራችውጋዜጠኛ ሳሙኤል ከረጅም ግዜ ሕመም በኳላበ81 ኣመት ኣመታቸው  ነው ያረፉት   

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Toronto Football club reaches the MLS final . TFC secured a 1-0 win over Columbus in Toronto. 

The soccer fans went frantic after Jozy Altidore of TFC scored on the 60th minute.  Toronto Football Club played a 0-0 draw of this game at Columbus and advances with an aggregate of 1-0.  

In the final, TFC will face Seattle Sounders in Toronto on December 9.


Contributed  by Hanna Mohammed

People to People Canada host a fundraiser Dinner in Toronto.
At an elegant dinner held at Daniels spectrum, the 18th annual People to People Fundraiser brought together a house full of supporters .

The night began with the smooth sounds of Don Naduriak and his jazz band coupled with a serving of traditional Ethiopian cusine .The Chair of P2P, Teferi Negussie recaped how P2P is “surviving and thriving” with a brief synopsis of the positive and impactful work that it continues to do in Ethiopia and locally, here in Toronto. The chair also shared the visions of P2P with new initiatives focusing on mental health in the Ethiopian community.

In an exceptional tie with P2P’s vision , the keynote speaker Dr. Clare Pane addressed thenissue of mental health among Ethiopians. The distinguished professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto,  Pane, shared the significant partnership role she played in assisting with the establishment and development of the psychiatry program at Addis Ababa University.

In their eccentric performance, the Toronto based Hagere dance group had participants out of their seats dancing the night away.

By the end of the evening, after understanding the full extent of what P2P is doing internationally and locally, many were encouraged to donate and sponsor a child .

People to people Canada is a non profit organization based in Toronto that helps HIV orphaned kids in Ethiopia through child sponsorships.

Photo by Hanna Mohammed.

ልኡል ኤርሚያስ ሳህለስላሴ እና ባለቤታችው ልእልት ሳባ ከበደ በ ካናዳ ጉብኝት እያደረጉ ነው የ ኣፄ ሃይለስላሴ የ ልጅ ልጅ የሆኑት ልኡል ኤርሚያስ ሳህለስላሴ ከ ካናዳ ጀኦግራፊክ ሶሳይቲ የክብር ሹመት ተቀብለዋል ። የ ኦንታሪዯ ግዛት ገቨርነር ጄኔራል ናቸው ሽልማቱን የሰጡኣቸው ።
Ethiopia’s prince Ermias Sahleselassie and his wife Princess Saba Kebede are on a visit to Canada The prince inducted to one of the most rare and  prestigious title of an honorary  fellow by the Royal Geographic Society of Canada .  Prince Ermias is the first royal to be inducted since 1930. 

ልኡል ኤርሚያስ ዛሬ በ ቶሮንቶ ኣለም ኣቀፍ ቤተ ክርስቲያን ተገኝተው ንግግር ኣድርገዋል ። በ ተለይ ከ ኢትዮ ፊደል ዳት ካም ኣዘጋጅ ጆኒ አያሌው ጋር ባደረጉት ቃለ ምልልስ ኢትዮጵያውያን ኣንድነታችንን እንድናጠናክር ኣሳስበዋል 
በ ሃሚልተን ቶሮንቶ እና ኦታዋ ያሉ ኢትዮጵያውያን ላደረጉላቸው ኣቀባበል ኣመስግነዋል  ወጣቶች የ ኣገራችውን ባህል እና ታሪክ እንዳይተው ግብረገብነትን እንዲተገብሩ ኣደራ ብለዋል 
ልኡል ኤርሚያስ  የካናዳ ጉብኝታቸው ሌላ ኣላማ ኣፄ ሃይለስላሴ ካናዳን የጎበኙበትን 50 ኛ ኣመት ለማሰብ ነው ልኡል ኤርሚያስ በበላይነት የሚመሩት የ ኢትዮጵያ ዘውድ ምክር ቤት በ ኢትዮጵያ የ ንጹህ መጠጥ ውሃ የማስገባት እና ለወጣቶች ነጻ የ ትምህርት እድል የ ማመቻቸት ስራዎችን እየሰራ መሆኑን ለ ኢትዮ ፊደል ተናግረዋል
His visit to Canada is  also planned to  commemorate the 50th anniversary of his grand Father Emperor Haileselassie ,s visit to Canada . prince Ermias Sahleselassie received a warm reception by the Ethiopian communities  in Hamilton, Otawwa and Toronto.
In an exclusive interview with www.ethiofidel.com, Prince Ermias called up on Ethiopians to work together to move the country forward . His highness Prince Ermias Sahleselassie called up on all Ethiopians to strengthen their unity.
His imperial highness also urged young people to stay connected to their culture uphold moral values and work harder .The gathered at the Toronto’s international Church were stunned to meet the princess to whom they said have a highest regard . A Ghanaian youth spoke to ethiofidel.com remarked that he is grateful to the contribution of  Emperor Haileselasie towards the independence if Ghana and other African countries .Prince Ermias remarked at the event that he feels privileged to meet all Africans in the diaspora . The event his grand father arrived in Jamaica has been revered by many and a video that portrayed Emperor Haileselassie visit to Jamaica was screened at the event 
Like his grandfather prince Ermias recently visited Jamaica where he met the prime minister and received the key to the capital city city, Kingston. 
Photos by Johnny Ayalew 
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የደራሲ እመቤት መንግስቴ ኣትሄጂም መጽሀፍ በ ቶሮንቶ ተመረቀ ። የ ኣጫጭር ልብ ወለድ ስብስብ የሆነው ኣትሄጂም መጽሃፍ ከ ኣመታት በፊት ከ ኣገሯ ለመውጣት አንቅፋት የገጠማትን ሴት ሂወት ይዳስሳል

በ ቶሮንቶው የሀዲስ ንጋት የ ኪነጥበብ መድረክ ወርሃዊ ዝግጅት ላይ መጽሀፏን ያስመረቀችው ደራሲ እመቤት በተለይ ለ ኢትዮ ፊደል ዳት ካም እንደተናገረችው መጽሀፉ የ ኣበዛኞቻችን የ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካ ህይወት የሚዳስሱ ጭብጦች ኣሉት 

በእለትተእለት ኑሮ የ ሚያጋጥሙን እና የማንወያይባቸውን ጉዳዮች በ ድርሰቷ በ ማንሳት ኣንባቢው እንዲወያይ ማድረግ እንደምትፈልግ ተናግራለች

የሀዲስ ንጋት የ ኪነ ጥበብ መድረክ ኣባላት በ መጽሀፉ ዙሪያ በሳል ኣስተያየቶችን ሰተዋል  ደራሲ እመቤት ኣትሄጂም መጽሃፍ በ ቶሮንቶ ጣና ማተሚያ ቤት ይገኛል
 ኣማዞን ላይም ኦንላይን መግዛት እንደሚቻል እመቤት ነግራናለች;;

ደራሲዋ ከዚ ቀደምየንጉስ ልጅ እና የህልም ህልም የተሰኙ ሁለት መጻህፍትን ለንባብ ኣብቅታለች ፥፥ በ ኣትላንታ የሚተላለፍ የ ሬድዮ ፕሮግራምም ኣላት

A new Amharic book , “Athegim” was launched in Toronto . Authored by Emebet Mengiste, the book is a collection of short stories mainly plotted around the lives of the Ethiopian diaspora. In an exclusive interview with ethiofidel.com, Emebet told Johnny Ayalew, producer of ethiofidel.com that she wanted to encourage open dialogue , peace and love among the people in the diaspora. ” Even if you can not be of help , please don’t be a barrier to some one ” 

Emebt , a professional Fedreal civil servant in Atlanta, also hosts a radio show . She already published two books . Her recent “Athegim   will be available at Tana Printers in Toronto and online on Amazon.com.

The event held at Hirut Ethiopian Restaurant in Toronto was hosted by Haddis Nigat Arts Forum. 



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